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DIY barn - a step-by-step instruction for beginners (100 photos of the best ideas)

Anyone who has ever been to the site of a summer cottage under construction must have paid attention to a small dull building, standing somewhere in the farthest corner of the summer cottage. Such a utility room appears on the site immediately and not a single summer cottage is complete without it. It is called a barn.

The word is borrowed from eastern languages ​​and has several meanings. The main ones are a house or even a palace. Perhaps that’s why such an unpretentious building was called just like that, because in the future each of us wants to live, if not in our own palace, then at least in a cozy and soundly built house.

A wide variety of photos of a barn for a summer residence in large quantities are presented on the Internet. After the completion of construction work, which actually never ends, the barn acquires another important value. It becomes the main economic multi-purpose building and helps to solve a lot of problems.

Where to put unnecessary furniture, which is a pity to throw away, where to place a workbench. Over time, many necessary things appear on the farm, and they need to be stored somewhere.

Why do we need a barn

Not a single summer cottage can do without a utility room. Sometimes there are several of them and they are divided according to the functional principle. A utility room for garden tools, for a construction tool, for unnecessary things that are difficult to part with.

All these functions together can be combined in a common barn. In this case, a room of sufficient area is built to fit everything necessary with a margin and for the future. After all, your farm will certainly only expand.

You will certainly want to build a barn with your own hands. The task is quite within the power of each of us, however, if you are planning a sufficiently large construction, you can’t do without specialists.

It will be necessary to make all the necessary calculations and perform construction work in accordance with all norms and requirements. Otherwise, insoluble problems may arise in the future and the construction will have to be redone, or even rebuilt.

We build ourselves

The answer to the question of how to build a barn yourself can be found on the Internet. There are many building options that an unprepared builder can handle. In addition, it is always nice to build something yourself. In the case of a residential building, it is better not to take risks if you do not have sufficient experience and qualifications.

As for the barn, then there is the opportunity to experiment without fear of negative consequences. After all, if after some time the utility room squinting or becomes unusable due to your miscalculations during construction, this can always be corrected.

It is better to erect independently small buildings and simple structurally. The simplest option is a barn, which is based on a frame.

Barn Designs

The simplest and most common frame shed design. It is quite simple to manufacture and allows you to experiment with building materials. In addition to ready-made structures, you can supplement the construction with your own solutions and even complement your barn with decorative elements.

Such a building is easy to build both from wood and from metal. You can combine these two most common materials. Let's say the frame is made of wood, and sheathed with metal or synthetic elements.Externally, this finish looks quite modern and will last a long time.

It is possible and vice versa. Make a solid metal frame, and the exterior finish is made of wood. This will give additional reliability to the design and will look very beautiful.

How to make the building the most durable

If you need to achieve maximum reliability, then here you can not do without metal. And you have to build a metal shed, which will last a long time. The frame is made entirely of metal, where it is best to use welding to connect structural elements.

Outwardly, it is most optimal to make the lining of corrugated metal sheets having an anti-corrosion coating. But in this case, specialists can’t do without specialists, and not everyone can do such construction.

In any building, beauty is most important

If a completely metal structure appears on your site, then your building will acquire a light urban or even industrial color. On a suburban area it is still better to build a shed of wood. It is both simple and beautiful, and quite modern. And from an environmental point of view - an absolutely acceptable option.

A wooden barn can be built from a solid array of wood: logs, timber. You can even use the bottom of the trunk with the root system. Then on your garden site there will be a small pretty "hut on chicken legs".

Such a construction may well be completed independently. It is only necessary to go to the forest and choose the necessary log. The easiest way is to build frame structures from wood. But here you need to stock up with a good saw and patience.

Frame buildings usually require more time for construction. In this case, specialists are not required to be invited.

Design features of farm buildings on the site

Particular attention should be paid to the material from which you will erect the walls of the barn. This is important for how you will use the utility room. In the barn, you can provide an extra room for uninvited guests if there is not enough space in the house. Therefore, special attention should be paid to wall construction.

First of all, the walls must have reliable thermal insulation, if you sometimes want to spend the night among old but expensive things neatly laid out on shelves. Usually, the thermal insulation of the utility rooms does not pay close attention and makes them as simple as possible, since the main task is to save the cottage property from rain, snow and strong winds.

But this is only if you do not plan on a cold winter evening, let's say something to make or repair with your own hands instead of lying on the TV. In this case, the walls of your barn should be initially insulated for such cases.

You can provide for heating. This must be done if you plan to place a workshop in the barn, and even more so if you plan to spend at least one cold night a year. If the frame structure, it is enough to just put an additional heat insulator in the walls.

Do not save, such prudence will not be superfluous. If the choice fell on the construction of solid wood, then this will be quite enough even with poor heating.In most cases, you only need to maintain a positive temperature in such rooms. Logs and timber have the most optimal heat transfer.

A reliable door will never be superfluous

Usually there is no problem when choosing a door for a barn. We all know that a good door only benefits any building. This will save us from many problems, namely, from those who like to “borrow” someone else’s garden tools or expensive tools.

Always somehow calmer when there is a reliable door. Many of us prefer to make it iron. Wooden will do, but there will be many problems with it over time.

The tree is drying up or swelling from constant moisture, and it is hard to open such a door in spring. With an iron door, this never happens, even if your building is slanting from time to time. A good metal door will withstand all additional loads and cope with any weather vagaries.

Photo of a barn for a summer residence

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