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Styles of landscape design - comparison, site planning, evaluation of different styles and their application (145 photos)

The variety of landscape styles is amazing. The choice of design should be approached wisely so that the overall image of the garden plot comes out harmonious. In order to make it easier to decide on the design of the garden, it is necessary to carefully study the types and photos of modern styles of landscape design.


One of the main items in the Japanese garden is stones. Decorating them in this case is not just a design. They are used to give a meaningful meaning to the garden, since in Japan household territories are used for philosophical reflection and achieve harmony with the outside world.

In addition to a large number of stones, this design assumes the presence of undersized flora, a pond and paths. To apply the Japanese style, it is not necessary to have a larger area.

A separate view is a rock garden, which is a small area that is covered with pebbles.

English (landscape)

It is simple and natural. The English style in landscape design does not involve the use of artsy objects. To design a territory in this design, you must adhere to the natural landscape. It should create a romantic atmosphere of 19th-century estates.

The intervention of human hands in the design of the territory should not stand out. In contrast to the regular garden, decorated in the English style, assumes maximum naturalness.

Among the main characteristics of landscape style in landscape design, the following can be distinguished:

  • The appearance should give the impression of a lack of human intervention. The use of winding rocky paths and ponds is encouraged. The lawn must be trimmed constantly.
  • This type of design is applicable on personal plots with an area of ​​at least 12 acres. Unfortunately, owners of smaller areas will not be able to arrange the site in an English manner.
  • It is necessary to use green and silver shades in all elements of the exterior.
  • It often uses vertical landscaping of the facade of the house and fences. The space is surrounded by compositions of lush flowers and plants. Landscape type involves the mandatory use of juniper, arborvitae or boxwood.
  • Walkways from home must be filled with natural materials. It can be a tree or a stone. A good subject of the exterior can be a small pond with a bridge and water lilies, as well as benches or arbors made of natural materials, entwined with vines.

Usually neatly trimmed lawns, watery plants and small terraces are used in the design of home gardens in England.

Regular (Classic)

For this ancient Egyptian style, the characters are straight lines, a strict type of buildings and a large space. It is also called French, architectural and classic. The regular style was first used in France during the reign of Louis XIV.

The main idea in landscape design of that time was to streamline the flora and subordinate it to man.

In the design use fountains and ponds only round or oval. And all the trees and shrubs are regularly trimmed to geometric shapes. This type of design has become the basis for modern high-tech.


Country is currently very popular. He gained such widespread use due to the simplicity of design and naturalness. It is inherent in the absence of clear lines.

When arranging in a rustic style, you can use the freedom of imagination.The main thing - in the end, you should get a garden as close as possible to the rural type.

The country-style décor has several features:

  • Square. The size of the plot is not important. The main thing is that the territory is suitable for recreation and gardening.
  • The use of environmentally friendly materials: wood, vine, stones.
  • Planting fruit trees and shrubs: apple tree, cherry, currant, etc.
  • Decorative elements. In the design, you can use hedges, wells, benches, etc.
  • If you plan to equip a pond, then you should use maximum naturalness (for example, a small pond covered with reeds).


Provence is suitable for all lovers of classics and pragmatism. It combines the elements of rustic design and the atmosphere of France.

On sites in the Provence style, do not use strict lines. On the contrary, some negligence is welcome in the design. You can use objects of irregular geometric shapes.

Also, the use of benches, hand-made crafts, leaky baskets and carts decorated in antique style is welcome. When designing the territory, it is better to immediately determine the location of the decor items.

As for the flora, it is necessary to use all kinds of plants and trees with bright foliage. Flowers should be blooming and vibrant. Stony paths are also welcome.


This design contains the same fundamentals as interior design. First of all, this is the use of simple concise forms. Oddly enough, it’s quite difficult to design a site in minimalism, since the designer is faced with the task of maximally revealing the idea with the minimum use of decor.

Minimalism can be applied on a site of any size. In this case, it is mandatory to use zoning elements. Minimalism does not call for the use of strict and evenly defined lines.

What is definitely worth giving up is a large number of outbuildings. But the various patios, stairs and podiums will elegantly look in a similar design.

As for the color scheme, minimalism welcomes pastel colors, as well as khaki and silver.

Not exactly what materials will be used in the design of the garden. Both artificial and natural products can be used.

However, in the design of the site, it is necessary to use only one type of material in all buildings. That is, if a brick was used somewhere, then all the gazebos, the house and the walkways should be made out of this material.

There are no special requirements for the choice of plants and trees in minimalism. You can plant fertile trees or willow and birch. For decoration, you can use large metal arbors or mirror objects. If you plan to equip a reservoir, then it must be of the correct form.

When you design a personal garden area, you can use a combination of styles, but you should combine the different designs very carefully.

In any case, if you want to use elements of any particular type, combining them with other decor elements, they should be used only in one part of the garden. One way or another, the arrangement of the garden is preceded by careful and competent planning.

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